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Tribes [Downloads List]

File Size Downloads Added
Tribes 1.11 Installer
  Tribes 1.11 is the classic Dynamix game that started it all. TribesRP...
103MB 2378 August 3, 2006
Tribes DoS Fix
  If you run a Tribes server of any sort, you need this InfiniteSpawn re...
5.04 KB 908 August 5, 2006
Tribes Patch (1.0 to 1.11)
  If you already have the CD version of Tribes installed, you'll need th...
5.85 MB 850 August 5, 2006
Tribes Patch (1.8 to 1.11)
  If you've already got Tribes 1.8 installed (such as the free version o...
5.57 MB 2150 August 5, 2006

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