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TribesRPG [Downloads List]

File Size Downloads Added
Tribes RPG v4.987 to v5.005 Update
  If you've already installed TRPG v4.987, download and run this install...
2.02 MB 1315 August 3, 2006
Tribes RPG v5.005 Full Installer
  Full installer for the Tribes RPG mod for Tribes 1. The install GUI ha...
37.1 MB 8393 August 3, 2006
TribesRPG Silence Pack
  Mutes all sounds in TribesRPG regardless of volume settings. Effectiv...
521.9 KB 579 July 14, 2010
Ultimate Tribes & TribesRPG Pack
  This Tribes "Ultipack" is the ultimate in Tribes and TribesRPG prepare...
134 MB 3178 February 20, 2009

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