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Tribes Development [Downloads List]

File Size Downloads Added
Tribes Tool
  This is Hosed's original Tribes Tool pack for developing Tribes conten...
13.1 MB 915 August 5, 2006
VisualVT 1.1.5
  This program makes .vol archives for Tribes and sucks compared to WinV...
1.79 MB 725 August 3, 2006
Volumer 0.20b
  If you want to extract files from .vol archives, this is the definitiv...
218 KB 811 August 3, 2006
WinVT 1.0 RC3
  This is the third release candidate of WinVT. This version is quite s...
223 KB 759 August 3, 2006
WorldCraft 2.1
  Originally designed for Quake, WorldCraft 2.1 is frequently used for T...
8.03 MB 1071 August 5, 2006
WorldCraft 3
  This is WorldCraft 3, which isn't typically used with Tribes. It is h...
1.92 MB 702 August 3, 2006

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