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Download Categories

Help yourself to any files you like.  I host everything from the full Tribes game to TribesRPG, plenty of goodies, and my Internet webcast called "This Period In Particle's Custom RPG".  You're sure to find something that fits your fancy.


PCRPG-Specific Enhancements


This Period in PCRPG Episodes

  This section contains any special downloads for use specifically with PCRPG. This includes the PCRPG Launcher that gets you into the game.   All of the episodes of the popular This Period in PCRPG audio show can be found here.  



Tribes Development

  Contained in this section are files for Tribes, such as the game itself, patches, and third party enhancements.   The downloads here include files that help during the development of Tribes mods. Such items include Volumer20b, WinVT, VisualVT, and Worldcraft.  



TribesRPG Enhancements

  This section contains downloads for official TribesRPG related materials.   Contained within this section are enhancements for TribesRPG such as Deus's RPG Pack, the altered EXP table patch, and the chat box expander.  

Videos (Funny and Otherwise)



  All of the videos availble from pcrpg.org such as the GMod9 Nuclear Claymore video are available here.   Evil Inc's mod "War40k" is hosted here.  

Zombie Mod Maps


ZOMG Other Crap

  This section contains many maps for Zombie Mod (Counter-Strike Source).   Any downloads that don't fit into the other categories can be found here.  

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