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Custom RPG 3.07

The Story
     The land of Keldrinia was once a uniform place.  The world was peaceful until the disaster occurred.  Orcs, Goblins, Minotaurs, Travellers, Elves, Undead, Gnolls, Ogres, and the infamous Ubers flooded the land.  Many warriors, fighter and mage alike have perished from the world at the hands of these horrendous creatures, never to be seen again.  For the longest time, the battles were fierce and on a "living the moment" basis until the mighty Knights formed.  They cleared the world of much of the evil that had consumed it prior.  Many years have passed and now they reside near Keldrin, disgruntled and full of anger from the earlier days.  Can you live?  It's your fight for survival!

The Zones
     You know where you are, but do you know what lies around you?  Maybe not as well as you think!

Keldrin City - The original city of Keldrinia.  This place is hundreds of years old and has been rebuilt more than once.

Fort Ethren - The stronghold of Keldrinia.  This is the place to go for fine equipment such as Full Plate Mail or a dreaded Claymore.

Jaten Outpost - A wilderness frontier outpost that lies between the Elven Forest and The Ancient Crypt.  Medium level equipment is sold here for decent prices.

Kenkail's Shop - Store that sits just outside of Jaten.  Kenkail, or just "Kail" for short is a skilled armor smith with smaller interests in bow making.

The Well - An abandoned mine that has since filled with water, this place is very mysterious.  Even the Knights know little of this place.

Keldrin Mines - Residence of the Goblins, Gnolls, and Ogres.  The Knights thought it fitting for such hideous creatures to reign in the dark.

Stronghold Yolanda - Often referred to as just "Yolanda", this is the place of the Orcs.  It's their fort, even if they do get their asses kicked by medium level humans.  They'd never admit it.

Ancient Crypt - Undead monsters of the ancient elven warriors walk the grounds within the Crypt.  It's a warrior's challenge to defeat this decaying elven race.  They're always apt enough for a fight.

Elven Forest - The proud of the elven warriors come to fight here in order to keep their claim on the forest.  Many have tried to drive them from their lands but all have failed.

Minotaur's Lair - The stomping grounds for the Minotaurs; a very dangerous place for the unskilled of the realm.  The portal for entrance even requires you to be level 50 to pass through.  Little is known about the maze of their lair, for few return.

Uber Zone - Once the most powerful enemies of all Keldrinia, the beasts are now confined underground  in an ancient ruin at the top of a desert hill.  The Knights had the most trouble confining these creatures, so take care when around this enemy.

Centuria Highhold - The Knights reside here now, they aren't young anymore, but do not let this drive you into believing that they have lost their might, for very few that make the challenge to fight a Knight live to tell others of their plight.

The New Armors
     The land of Keldrinia is indeed a very dangerous place.  Since the old generation, there have been some new armors made.

Tri-Plate Armor - An armor made of three layers of hard-forged steel plates of highest workmanship. The workmanship in this armor must have taken years.

Blacksilver Plate - Plate armor made with plates of blacksilver.

Steel Banded Boots - Combat boots made of steel bands. A must for any serious warrior.

Silvertone Boots - Elven-made silvertone boots made for humans.

Titanium Braced Boots - Hardened leather boots with titanium bar bracing.

Blacksilver Ring - Ring forged from blacksilver.

Battle Ring - Battle Ring crafted from a mysterical hard metal.

Fingerless Gloves - Human-made fingerless leather gloves.

Silvertone Gauntlets - A pair of elvin silvertone gauntlets.

Leather Bracers - Bracers made of hardened leather.

Milled-Steel Bracers - Bracers made from mill-carved steel.

Silvertone Bracers - A set of elven-made silvertone bracers.

Steel Helm - Steel helmet crafted by Kenkail.

Silvertone Helm - An elvin helmet made of a metal called silvertone.

The New Weapons
     In time, new weapons have been found or created.

Anchet's Sword - The sword of the mighty Anchet, leader of warriors.

Lightning Blade - Curious blade that is charged with the power of lightning.

Kail's Bow - Kail's bow, a sturdy moderate bow that is crafted from a special hardwood.

New Magic
     Not much for the average user, but a spell with powerful protection has been developed by Phen.  He is currently working on some follow-up spells for both offense and defense.

Lightning Shield - Admin shield capable of defending it's user from much evil.

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