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Please Read:  Rules for the use of services at pcrpg.org
PCRPG Community Server (Aoede)
CPU 2 x Intel Xeon X5690 (6-Core, 12-Thread, 3.46 GHz Base, 3.73 GHz Turbo)
Motherboard Supermicro X8DTE-F Dual Socket 2011, Intel 5520 Chipset, E-ATX
RAM 64 GiB DDR3-1333 ECC/Reg, Triple Channel (Kingston)
Disk Controller Dell PERC6/i PCIe
Disk 2 x 128 GB Crucial C400 SSD SATA (RAID-1)
  8 x 147 GB Fujitsu MBA3147RC 15K RPM SAS (RAID-6)
Internet 10 Gbps Enterprise Fiber
Services You, your friends, your clan, etc are absolutely welcome to use any of these services for free and without explicit permission provided everyone refrains from abuse.  I just love to host things.  Please take advantage of it.

I will host a free, private Teamspeak 3 server for your group or clan if asked.  Provided it can be done without much direct interaction or upkeep, I will also gladly host game servers for your clan.  As an example, Minecraft servers are easy and welcome while SRCDS servers are annoyingly high-maintenance.

PCRPG (Tribes RPG)
tribes.pcrpg.org:28001 (Default Port)

Teamspeak 3
ts.pcrpg.org:9987 (Default Port)

vent.pcrpg.org:3784 (Default Port)
Particle's Custom Desktop
Operating System Debian Testing (64-bit)
CPU AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX (32-Core, 64-Thread, 3.0 GHz Base, 4.2 GHz Turbo)
Motherboard ASRock X399 Taichi (Socket TR4, AMD X399)
GPU AMD Radeon VII 16 GiB HBM2
RAM 64 GiB DDR4-2400 ECC/U Quad-Channel @ 2733 MT/s (8x8)
Disk • 280 GB NVMe SSD for System (Intel Optane 900P HHHL)
• 1600 GB NVMe SSD for Games (Intel DC P3605 HHHL)
Display 1 x LG 32GK650F-B 32" MVA (2560x1440, 144 Hz, Main)
Removable Storage 14x BD-RE Drive (LG WH14NS40 SATA)
Sound • Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT Headphones
• CEntrance Micport Pro, 96 KHz, 24-bit XLR ADC, USB
• MXL V-89 Low Noise, 24 mm Diaphragm, Condenser Microphone on Shock Mount
Peripherals • Rosewill RK-9000RE (Cherry MX Red) USB Mechanical Keyboard
• Logitech G603 Wireless LED Mouse
Network Solarflare SFC9120 10 Gbps Fiber NIC
Internet • AT&T VDSL2 (100 Mbps Down, 20 Mbps Up)
• No backup circuit currently
Particle's Custom Server
CPU 2 x AMD Opteron 6276 (16-Core, 2.8 GHz Base, 3.5 GHz Turbo)
Motherboard Supermicro H8DGI-F (Dual Socket G34, Dual SR5650)
RAM 64 GiB DDR3-1600 ECC/R Quad Channel (8x8, SK Hynix, 1.5 V)
Disk Controller LSI MegaRAID SAS 9361-8i, SAS3/12, 1 GiB, BBU
Disk • 24 x 600 GB Hitachi VLS600 15K RPM SAS (RAID-6)
Network • Mellanox ConnectX-3 EN 10 Gbps Dual-Port Fiber NIC

I've used a lot of hardware over the years.  If you'd like to see my GPU history, I happen to have a page for that.

Desktop GPU History

Back in the day, I used to do "computer tours" though I have never updated them very often.
Here is the last (way out of date) one from 2010:

Computer Tour 2010

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