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Time Machine (Skip Down if You Just Want Info on PCRPG Itself)
Wow.  Holy sh--crap.  I haven't updated this page in so freaking long there are cobwebs.  *blows spiders out with industrial flamethrower*

Anyhow, there used to be a short paragraph about PCRPG setting up the changes I'd made...back when Centuria was spanking new.  Those were the days of Illillia/Illumina before she left for DAOC.  You probably don't remember her, or Riker--one of my first admins, back before UG was even around.  I'm going to make some changes to this page.  These changes will be according to my decrees.

First decree:  NEW STORY.  The old one is old, as John Madden would say.
Second decree:  UP-TO-DATE INFORMATION.  Who cares about Kenkail these days anyway?
Third decree:  LESS CRAPPINESS.  I've wised up.  I'm not the person I used to be.  I've improved just a little.
Forth decree:  OLD INFO STILL THERE.  I hoard everything.


The Story
In the days of old, there were the same classes of brave souls that still stand before these very campfires.  These warriors, rogues, priests, and wizards still inhabit this soil.  Now let me recall for a moment.  Ahh, yes, it was an epic battle--just before you arrived...some five years ago.  The War of Twelves they called it.  You see, there was once more than just the eight enemy camps we know today.  It wasn't always just us versus the monsterous Goblins, the devilish Elves, the fearsome Travellors, the hideous Ubers, the foreboding Minotaurs, troublesome Gnolls, staunch Knights, and immortal Undead.

These were the days of the Wolven and the Mal, the Ashens and the Trolls.  Oh, how the warriors fought to rid these lands of the evil, once and for all.  Unfortunately for them, however, they weren't informed about the mystical Blethine Blackness...an enchanted alliance created before our warriors had known their first gasps of air.

Nual had come forth as a leader of this alliance.  He was of power unmatched.  Even the fabled Beowulf would not have been as strong!  It was because of Nual that our warriors had first sprung into action.  Despite their combined efforts, the feats of mere mortal men could not match Nual and his army of Wolven and Ashens.  I suppose it might have been even worse, had the Mal and Trolls joined in the introductory stage of the War.

For you see, we did not have the strength for this fight alone.  Anchet, king of all warriors, wasn't strong enough even when coupled with Phen himself, leader of the wizards.  The Knights weren't always all against us.  Long ago, they were on our side.  They served with Anchet in the crusades against evil that had always existed, though none had known the fury of real War.  It came to pass that the Knights split, after a treacherous winter battle between Anchet and the Minotaurs.  Some were loyal to Anchet yet still, while others had gone off swearing never to serve the evils of men again.  Those who remained loyal joined the fight months into the War, though most feared it was too late--the power of man was failing.

With the Knights' help, Anchet and Phen managed to erradicate all four of the ancient horde.  The Trolls, Ashens, Mal, and Wolven were no more.  They had been outdone by that which was superfluous!  Just mortals with iron,  steel, and Phen's awesome book of spells!

Anchet was wounded in the fight, he came to find out weeks later.  He had been struck in the back by the poisonous claw of an Ashen Trilof.  He died an agonizing death, though his legend and his weapon still lives.  The Knights left the lands and joined the other sect at Centuria, always within view of men...still staunch from the fighting which killed their only king.  Phen exiled himself for reasons still unknown to the mountains, where he remains upset but uninvolved.

Where are you going?  There is still a fight in the less evil areas of this land.  Carve a legend, but take care.  Man is no longer united under the great banner Anchet held!

The Zones  
Keldrin City The Kingdom of Men base here.
Fort Ethren Talented crafts are all sold and manufactured here.
Jaten Outpost Evil still is present.  This outpost serves to notify Keldrin.
Kenkail's Shop Old bow maker Kenkail sells from this shop.  Outside Jaten.
Well Unknown territory of the Mal.
Keldrin Mines Residence of the Gnoll and Goblin horde.
Stronghold Yolonda Over-run post by the Mines.
Ancient Crypt The Trolls and fallen soldiers are returning.
Elvin Forest Forest the Elves claim for only themselves, ruling what they see.
Minotaur's Lair Subterranean hold of the ancient Minotaur regime.
Uber Zone Fearsome relative of the Ashen.
Centuria Highhold The Knights persist to exist in this place.
The New Armors  
Tri-Plate Armor Very sturdy and very hard to get.
Blacksilver Plate Sturdy armor of the Trolls, copied by Kenkail's hammer and mind.
Steel Banded Boots Hardened leather quest boots with thick steel.
Silvertone Boots Elvin boots.
Titanium Braced Boots Old titanium woven boots with thick bars to repel swords...
Blacksilver Ring Kail's ring of choice for combat!
Battle Ring Man's ring of choice for battles!
Fingerless Gloves Protection to the hands from enemies.
Silvertone Gauntlets Extreme protection made by the hand of an Elf.
Leather Bracers Bracers to provide protection and help a warrior.
Milled-Steel Bracers Extra hard bracers for enhanced durability.
Silvertone Bracers An Elf's bracers.
Steel Helm Durable helmet.
Silvertone Helm Elvin helm.
The New Weapons  
Anchet's Sword The sword of Anchet himself!
Kail's Bow Special sword that can propel a darrow (diamond arrow).
The New Magic  
Kamikazi Last-resort spell that dishes out terrifying death and destruction.
Divine Fury Dimension Rift wishes it knew the power.


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