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TribesRPG Related Guides

PCRPG Newcomer's Guide
Everything that you need to know to get started in the world of Particle's Custom RPG (written for version 3.07b but still applicable) or TribesRPG in general is contained within this guide.  According to scientific studies conducted by a member of Kansas State University, this guide may also contain 27g of "good" carbohydrates.  Take it from the Kansans--they know their grain-crop carbohydrates like they know Dorothy.

Tribes Editor and TribesRPG
Are you looking to edit the map for your local or dedicated TribesRPG server?  If so, give this guide a look--it will explain the process of what you need to do to get Tribes's in-game map editor working with TribesRPG maps.  Additionally, this guide is known to the state of California to contain hazardous substances such as excess monitor light and the ideas of somebody who isn't scared to touch lead.

Other Guides and Information

Disc Storage Information
Information about various storage formats through time. Initially conceived for optical platter based media (discs), but some magnetic platter based media is included (disks).

Linux Disk Service Reference
There are many common disk service tasks that can be accomplished most easily with Linux such as block-level cloning or backups, copying partitions, resizing NTFS volumes below the point where the backup MFT is stored in the middle of the disk, and quite a bit more. My weapon of choice for disk service work happens to be stock Debian with a MATE desktop environment, but many others can be used for the operations outlined in this article.

Linux Tasks and Information
A collection of guides and tips for how to do various things with Linux systems.  Forged in the fires of frustration and agony which rage wildly within the blast furnace of bad information and outdated wikis littering the Internet.

Particle's Laserdisc Resource
Laserdisc is quite an interesting video format for those who enjoy anachronistic technology. As someone new to the format, I've taken the time to compile many of my observations and much of what I've learned into a resource that might be interesting or hopefully even useful to someone else somewhere at some point in the future.

Pioneer CLD-D406 Laserdisc Player U1 Error Repair
On many Pioneer laserdisc players, a "U1" error message indicates that the player cannot clamp the disc successfully. The cause of this error can also result in the tray being unable to eject or retract successfully. This guide will cover the problem in more detail and describe how to fix it. Fortunately, the repair is simple and quick.

Obsolete or Broken Guides and Information

Rebuilding Windows Desktop Icons
Sometimes, Windows will pop a fuse and render all or most of your desktop icons as generic.  If this is happening to you, give this a shot.

Unlocking Multipliers on AMD AthlonXPs
Have you ever wondered if you could unlock those higher multipliers with your AthlonXP or XP-M processors?  The answer is indeed yes, if you have a little courage and a working knowledge of MacGyverism science.

Using MySQL with Visual Studio.NET
Important Note:  This guide is completely obsolete (written before MySQL 4.1)
From my experience, I've found that getting MySQL to work with Visual Studio can be a real pain in the ass.  It's kinda like getting knifed in the face repeatedly for two hours, which is coincidentally about as long as it will take to complete my guide if you go from start to finish.  That being said, however, if you follow this guide, you won't have any problems getting your programs to start talking with MySQL.

Worldcraft and TribesRPG [Off-Site, Dead]
It should be rather clear by now that I'll probably never get around to making this guide.  Hell, it hasn't even been on my "list" for these last few years.  In any case, you can visit this link to get information on how to use Worldcraft to make prefabs for Tribes and TribesRPG.  You can thank Hosed for the tutorial here.

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