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Linux Tasks and Information (TOC)
After installing a fresh copy of Debian on a system, I find myself installing the same programs and making the same configuration changes quite often.  Many times these processes required extensive research in order to find a functional method to achieve the goal.  That is par for the course in the Linux world unfortunately.  As such, I've decided to make a centralized repository of what I've learned since there is often no concise (or functional) documentation available.

Note:  This information was written with a fresh install of Debian 9.0 in mind.

Terminal Prompt Reference
$ - Designates a user prompt
# - Designates a root prompt (or you can use sudo if your account is in the sudoers group)

Table of Contents
Add User to Sudoers Group
Enable Autocomplete for Bash (And Apt)
Set Disk Logical Block Size (Low Level Format)

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