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Broken Windows Icons

Have your desktop or Quicklaunch bar icons reverted to some generic state?  This can happen from time to time.  Often, Windows knows that something is up and will rebuild your icons for you.  When it doesn't, however, you need a solution in order to keep your sanity.

Fortunately, the solution is quick, simple, and easy for anyone.

Open the Theme tab of your appearance window.  You can get to this by right clicking on your desktop and choosing "Properties" if you have XP or earlier.  On Vista and later, choose "Personalize".

On XP, simply choose the theme tab across the top of the window that comes up.  In Vista and later, choose the "Theme" section of the Personalize window.

To fix your icons, simply select a different theme and apply it.  Then, select your original theme and re-apply it.  This should induce a forced icon rebuild.  If this doesn't fix your problem, you have a more serious issue that I have not addressed here.  You might have an actual operating system problem if so.


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