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Disc Storage Information
Technical information for various storage media formats, both optical and magnetic.

  LP Record LaserDisc HD Diskette CD DVD HD-DVD BD
Launched 1948 1979 1987 1982-10-012 1996-12-203 2006-04-184 2006-06-205
Type Acoustic Optical Magnetic Optical Optical Optical Optical
TPI 2421 15,875 135 15,875 34,595 64,000 80,000
Diameter 30 cm 30 cm 8.89 cm 12 cm 12 cm 12 cm 12 cm
Space Analog Analog 1440 KB 700 MB 4.38 GB SL
7.92 GB DL
13.97 GB SL
27.94 GB DL
23.28 GB SL
46.57 GB DL

1Maximum (variable)
2Billy Joel - 52nd Street, Japan
3The Assassin, Blade Runner, Eraser, and The Fugitive; Japan; Warner Home Video
4The Last Samurai, Million Dollar Baby, and The Phantom of the Opera; Warner Home Video
550 First Dates, The Fifth Element, Hitch, House of Flying Daggers, Twister, Underworld: Evolution, xXx, The Terminator; Sony and MGM

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