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PCRPG Newcomer's Guide

Under Construction as of Oct 7, 2002
(Yeah, right...it's 2006 and it hasn't changed.)

Installing and Running TRPG
TRPG is rather easy to get going, if you know some basic computer usage skills and have around 5-10 minutes.  Once you have downloaded all the necessary files from the Tribes RPG Website (link points to the files page) then you will need to install the files in order.

Since it doesn't look like TRPG is going to have an update any time soon, I will just list the installation procedure for the current files.  You will need to download the files:  TRPG v4.987, TRPG v4.991, and TRPG v5.005.  The download page instructs you how to install these files, but I will make a procedure guide anyway.

First install TRPG v4.987.  The installer contains instructions on where to point the files to.  After installing v4.987, install the updates IN ORDER.  First would be v4.991 and then v5.005.  Once you have done this, you are good to go.  You may now start up tribes with the RPG mod by using a batch file or shortcut with the appropriate command line options.  You can download a premade batch file here, which you should put into your Tribes\ folder.  You can then make a shortcut to the batch file on your desktop, etc. to run TRPG.  It is important that you start tribes with this batch file when you intend to play TRPG.

Ready to Rock 'n Roll!
Well, not quite.  First you have to create a character for TRPG by clicking on the "Play Game" option when Tribes starts up.  You will need to create a new character which you plan to use on a TRPG server by clicking "New".  Be sure to pick a name without spaces or special characters.  Underscores are acceptable.  Failure to comply with these naming conventions will mean that you can't play on a TRPG server.  Choose a password for your character and type it in the "Other Info" field of your character's profile.  Be sure to pick a password that's hard to guess, so hackers can't easily steal your character.

Once you have done all of that, proceed to the servers page.  You may want to setup a filter (covered on a later date) to show just TRPG servers.  Until I write that instruction set, you will need to just look for games running "RPG" or "RPGMOD".  You can either look by map (rpgmap5) or gametype (RPG or RPGmod).  Either way will result in a TRPG server.  I would suggest you play on the server called "Particle's Custom RPG v3.07b"

First Time Login
The first time you join a server, you will be prompted with a screen.  If the screen says something about your name, you need to go back to the character creation dialog discussed earlier and change the name.  Otherwise, you will be confronted with a menu asking if you want to be a Priest, Warrior, Rogue, or Wizard.  Below is a chart of the different options and subclasses:

   Cleric - Clerics are good with Bludgeoning weapons but VERY good at healing spells.
   Druid - Druids are good with Bludgeoning weapons and specialize in Neutral casting.

   Theif - Thieves handle piercing weapons well enough, and are very good at hiding and backstabbing.
   Bard - Bards are much like thieves, except that they are a bit more evenly balanced.

   Fighter - Fighters are great with swords, namely slashing weapons. They are strong, but dumb.
   Paladin - Paladins are much like Fighters, except that they are a bit more evenly balanced.
   Ranger - Rangers specialize in ranged weaponry. They are also good at finding their way when lost.

   Mage - Mages are horrible with weapons and armor, but excel in anything that relates to spells.

This decision is very important, since it cannot be changed during the course of your playing.  Having said that, be sure to carefully consider what you want to play as.  Each class has their own weaknesses and advantages.

Hello, World!
Now that you've chosen a path and are in the game, it's time to start using Skill Points (SP) to raise your skills.  If you are of the warrior class, it's a good idea to invest SP in Slashing, Piercing, Bludgeoning, or Archery--depending on what path you choose to take.  Rangers are strongest in Archery, while Fighters and Paladins are good at any of the other three.  You should also invest SP in Endurance to raise your maximum Hit Points (HP).

If you are a caster (Mage, Cleric, Druid) then you should invest SP in Offensive Casting, Defensive Casting, Neutral Casting, or a combination of the three.  Defensive casting allows for spells like heal, and shield.  Offensive casting allows for spells like thorn, firebomb, and ironfist.  Neutral casting allows for transportation skills.

To invest SP into a skill, press the TAB for the Tab Menu.  You need to click on the "Skill Points" menu option and click on the skills to raise it.  Your total unused SP count is displayed above the skill listings.  If you want, you can type a number such as 10 in the text field to add 10 SP at a time to a skill before clicking on it.  Don't worry much about this for now though.  Once you are done, click next on the skill listing menu until the "Done" option is displayed.  Click on this to exit the Tab Menu.

Oh Where To Go From Here?!
The closest dungeons to where you are the Keldrin Mines and Yolanda.  The Keldrin Mines are for the newcomers to the realm.  Exit the house that you started in and wonder around Keldrin (the name of the town you started in) until you find the gate arch.  Pass through this arch and head forward along the path to the Keldrin Mines.  There is a line of trees along with discolored ground marking the path all the way.  Once you have entered the mines, proceed down the hall and turn take the path to the right when the hall splits.  Follow that corridor up to the next level in the mines and take a right.  You should end up in a large room with two goblins and a crystal spike.  Hack away at the goblins to your content if you are a warrior.  If you are a caster, you will need to start casting on the bots using the instructions below.  Before you die, it is a good idea to go down the ramp you came from to safety.  The goblins can't follow you into the room right after the split in the hall.  Here, you should press your inventory button and select a Blue Potion.  You should click Use.  This will heal you nicely, and you'll be good to go again.

I'm a Mage (Warriors can skip this section)
You should familiarize yourself with casting instead of hacking away at bots.  To cast a spell, type:  #cast spellname
A list of spells lies below, followed by the amount of skill needed to cast:
Offensive Spells
   Thorn - 15
   Fireball - 20
   Firebomb - 35
   Icespike - 45
   Icestorm - 85
   Ironfist - 110
   Cloud - 145
   Melt - 220
   Powercloud - 340
   Hellstorm - 420
   Beam - 520
   Dimensionrift - 750

Neutral Spells
   Teleport - 60 - Teleports you to a specified zone.
   Transport - 200 - Transports you to a specified zone. (Better than teleport)
   Advtransport - 350 - Advanced Transports you to a specified zone. (Better than transport)
   Masstransport - 650 - Transports small group to a specified zone.  Also requires Remort Level 1.
   Remort - 0 - When you reach level 101, you can remort back to level 1 with bonuses.
   Mimic - 145 - Mimics an NPC, which gives you the properties of that monster.  Requires Remort Level 2.

Defensive Spells
   Heal - 10 - Heals the user for a small amount of HP.
   Advheal1 - 80 - Heals the user for a larger amount than Heal.
   Advheal2 - 110 - Heals the user for a greater amount of HP than the previous spell.
   Advheal3 - 200 - Heals the user for a greater amount of HP than the previous spell.
   Advheal4 - 320 - Heals the user for a greater amount of HP than the previous spell.
   Advheal5 - 400 - Heals the user for a greater amount of HP than the previous spell.
   Advheal6 - 500 - Heals the user for a greater amount of HP than the previous spell.
   Godlyheal - 600 - Heals the user for an extremely large amount of HP.
   Fullheal - 750 - Completely heals the user, but can only be cast once every two minutes.
   Massheal - 850 - Heals every friendly unit within a small radius.  Requires Remort Level 2.
   Massfullheal - 950 -  Completely heals every friendly unit with a small radius.  Requires Remort Level 3.
   Shield - 20 - Casts a shield on the user for a short period of time.  Each shield after is self-explainatory.
   Advshield - 60
   Advshield - 140
   Advshield - 290
   Advshield - 420
   Advshield - 635
   Massshield - 680

I've Hacked Like a Lumberjack, Now What?
After you run out of potions or become sluggish in movement speed, it's time to go back to Keldrin to sell items at the merchant (and buy more potions, armor, and weapons!)  When you enter Keldrin coming back from the mines, turn left at the water fountain and enter the shop nearest the entrance of Keldrin.  In here you will find a merchant.  You need to use your chat key to type "hi".  The bot will respond and you will need to type "buy".  From this menu, you can buy and sell what you wish.  Be sure to grab a couple Blue Potions after you have sold the loot you got at the Mines.  Be sure to keep your pickaxe.

That pretty much sums it up for now.


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