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Ultimate Tribes & TribesRPG Pack [Download Page]

Ultimate Tribes & TribesRPG Pack

134 MiB


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  This Tribes "Ultipack" is the ultimate in Tribes and TribesRPG preparedness. It includes all of the following pre-installed:
- Tribes v1.11
- Updated 3rd Party Master Servers
- TribesRPG v5.005
- Easy-to-Use Tribes and TRPG Shortcuts
- Last Hope v1.30
- Vista Support
- mem.dll Fixes
- Deus RPG Pack
- Expanded Chat Box
- Premade RPG Filter
- Tribes Modding Tools
- PCRPG Updater
- And more shit than even that...

This pack makes playing TribesRPG as easy as clicking next a few times and then getting in the game. Enjoy!

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